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Good Vibez

Good Vibez Delta 8 Sublingual Strips | 250mg | 12ct/10-Pack

Good Vibez Delta 8 Sublingual Strips | 250mg | 12ct/10-Pack

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Introducing the all new Good Vibez Delta 8 Sublingual Strips | 250mg | 12ct/10-Pack. Good Vibez has just released a fast acting and easy way to get your Delta 8. They are fast acting and easy for an “On the go” lifestyle. Delta 8 sublingual strips dissolve easily under the tongue, you’ll quickly feel the effects compared to other edibles like gummies. Each strip contains 25mg of high quality derived Delta 8 distillate. Derived from natural Terpenes, with 2 delectable flavors to choose from to get the Good Vibez rolling. Available in 12 Packs / 10 Strips per pack.


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  • Blue Razz
  • Strawberry 



  • 12 Packs / 10 Strips Per Pack
  • Fast Acting Within 10-15 Minutes
  • Dissolves Easily
  • All Products Third-Party Lab Tested
  • Zero Sugar, Zero Calories and Gluten Free
  • 250mg per Pack



  • Peel the corner of the strip to open.
  • Place one 25mg strip on or under your tongue, and the strip will dissolve
    in your mouth in a matter of seconds. 
  • Effects are activated within 10-15 Minutes once dissolved.



  • 1x 12 Pack Good Vibez Delta Strips, 10 Strips Per Pack
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