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Sugar Extrax

Sugar Extrax Best Buds Delta-9 Disposable | 2-Pack

Sugar Extrax Best Buds Delta-9 Disposable | 2-Pack

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Our Master Kush X Diablo OG Sugar Extrax Disposables | 2 Pack are strains that have the perfect blend of Live Resin THC-O + Delta 9 THC along with delicious tasting terpenes.


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Sugar Extrax Best Buds Disposable Strains:

  • Master Kush x Diablo OG – This strain is perfect for those chill hangout evenings with friends or just a nice way to get a little much-needed rest and relaxation. Also, this disposable device is draw activated so all you need to do is open the box and enjoy.
  • Headbanger x OG Shark – This strain has a light cerebral invigoration that is known for having more uplifting properties, yet not too overwhelming. Also, the disposable devices are draw activated so all you need to do is open the box, take a hit, and enjoy.
  • Candyland x Acai Berry Gelato – This strain is perfect for those afternoon pick-me-ups or if you’re looking for something smooth to get your day started. Also, the disposable devices are draw activated so all you need to do is open the box, take a hit, and enjoy.
  • Mystery x Strawberry & Cream – These Best Buds Hybrid strains are great for daytime consumption that’s not overpowering either in stimulation or sedation. Both strains will exhibit gentle uplifting and motivating effects.
  • Purple Pineapple x Rainbow Belts – The Sugar Extrax Purple Pineapple X Rainbow Belts are both Sativa strains flavored with delicious tasting terpenes. known for having more uplifting properties.
  • Banana Kush x Blue Alien – These Best Buds Indica strains are potent and perfect for those evenings when you just want to relax and hangout, or a nice way to call the Sandman to start the process toward a deep slumber.

Sugar Extrax Best Buds Delta-9 Disposable Product Info

  • Rechargeable
  • NOT Refillable
  • 280 mAh
  • No Light when plugged into charger means it fully charged
  • White light while charging = still charging
  • Red light = needs to be charged
  • White light while in use = working/activated
  • USB-C Charger NOT included

Sugar Extrax Collection

This sweet collection of Sugar Extrax incorporates some well-known, but unique Hemp strains. You'll love the great tasting flavors brought on by the delicious Terpenes that we use. However, the game-changer is the fact that we use 2 grams of THC distillate in these Disposables instead of just 1. This means you get double the flavor and blend of THC-O + Delta 9 THC.

What is THC-O?

Chemically speaking THC-O is derived from Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), the precursor to THC. Because it is an isolate and is odorless and tasteless, THC-O can be used as the base ingredient in a variety of products. Everything from vape cartridges, gummies, disposables, etc. can be made with THC-O as a component.

Will THC-O get me high?

THC-O offers a more potent high and users report it as being an introspective, almost spiritual experience. It is said to take you to an almost alternate state, more akin to the trips associated with the milder hallucinogens. However, we enrich our THC-O with other cannabinoids in order to produce a more tolerable high that users can enjoy.

What is Hemp Compliant Delta 9 THC?

The term "Hemp Compliant" refers to the THC percentage in a Hemp-derived product. Under the Farm Bill – Hemp products can't contain more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Also, the THC needs to be sourced from the Hemp plant and not from the Marijuana plant. Each product in our Sugar Extrax collection is made from premium Hemp that contained less than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC by dry weigh. In addition, each product that we listed on our site has less than 0.3% of THC.

How Potent is Hemp-derived Delta 9 THC?

Although our CandyLand X Acai Berry Gelato is made using Hemp, they are still very potent. In fact, we suggest only taking 1 puff every 15 minutes to ensure that you don't have any negative side effects. However, if you are sensitive to THC or if it's your first time trying THC, we recommend only taking 1 puff and see how you react to the cannabinoids.

What is Live Resin?

Live Resin is the process of extracting cannabinoids from frozen Hemp plants. This results in more potent cannabinoids that include a better flavor, and is a lot more closer to original extract. Our Sugar Extrax Best Budz series includes this extraction process in the cannabinoids that we use.

Hemp-derived Sativa Strains

The 3 primary strains in Hemp-derived THC are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Sativa strains are known for having more uplifting properties. Usually Sativa and Sativa dominant Hybrid strains use more energetic terpenes that are known for promoting energy. Also, Sativa strains tend to be more Euphoric and for producing more of a head high. The potency of Sativa is the same as Hemp-derived Indica or Hybrid strains.

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