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Uwell Caliburn AZ3 Kit

Uwell Caliburn AZ3 Kit

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Welcome to the world of vaping awesomeness! Say hello to the Uwell Caliburn AZ3 Pod System – your new pocket-sized flavor companion! With a compact palm-sized design, this little powerhouse packs a punch! Sporting a 750mAh battery, it’s ready to keep up with your vaping adventures all day long. No more worrying about running out of juice when you’re out and about! But wait, it gets even better! The real magic lies within the Caliburn A3 Pods. Brace yourself for a flavor explosion that will blow your taste buds away! Each puff is a delightful journey into the land of mouthwatering goodness – you won’t be able to resist going for more! 

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  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Silver
  • Black Grace
  • Red Grace
  • Gold Grace
  • Silver Grace



  • Battery Info: 750mAh Internal Battery
  • Wattage Info: 17W
  • Charging Port Info: Type-C



  • x1 Caliburn AZ3 Pod System
  • x2 Caliburn A3 Pods
  • x1 Type-C Cable
  • x1 User Manual


*All Pod Systems are non-returnable and non-exchangeable, whether defective or otherwise.*

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