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Geek Bar Pulse Disposable 15000 Puffs 16mL 50mg | MOQ 5

Geek Bar Pulse Disposable 15000 Puffs 16mL 50mg | MOQ 5

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This Geek Bar Pulse Disposable 15000 Puffs 16mL 50mg | MOQ 5 offers up to 15000 puffs packed with 16mL and 50mg of nicotine for a full-bodied vaping experience. Enjoy the convenience of this lightweight, easy-to-use device with no charging or refilling required. Enjoy vaping with confidence!

Tailored to Your Puffing Preference:

  • Mode 1 (7500 Puffs): Ideal for those seeking a compact, on-the-go device that still delivers exceptional performance. Perfect for users who prefer a sleek and discreet vaping experience.
  • Mode 2 (15000 Puffs): Double the pleasure with an extended range of puffs, catering to vapers who crave longer-lasting satisfaction. Whether you’re a heavy vaper or simply love uninterrupted vaping sessions, Mode 2 ensures you never run out of clouds.


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  • Berry Bliss (New) | Ripe mixed berries for a fruity paradise.
  • Black Cherry | Delight in the bold and rich flavor of black cherries, creating a satisfying and fruity vaping experience.
  • Blow Pop | A classic that needs no introduction, Tart Lollypop Flavor.
  • Blue Mint | Revel in the cool and minty freshness of Blue Mint, a new addition to the menthol lineup.
  • Blue Razz Ice | Experience the vibrant fusion of tangy blue raspberry with a chilling menthol breeze, creating a refreshing and fruity delight.
  • Blueberry Watermelon (New) | Sweet blueberries meet juicy watermelon.
  • California Cherry | Delight in the sweet and juicy flavor of California cherries, delivering a burst of cherry goodness.
  • Cherry Bomb | Immerse yourself in the explosive and sweet flavor of Cherry Bomb, a new and exciting addition.
  • Cherry Cola | Delight in the fizzy and sweet fusion of cherry and cola, reminiscent of a classic cherry cola beverage.
  • Clear | Indulge in the pure and unadulterated experience with the clean and clear flavor of Clear.
  • Coconut Milk Ice | Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the creamy combination of coconut milk and menthol.
  • Crazy Melon (New) | Exotic melon blend for a wild ride.
  • Dragon Melon | Experience the exotic and fruity blend of dragon fruit and melon in this new and unique flavor.
  • Fcuking FAB | Experience the fabulous and unique flavor profile of Fcuking FAB.
  • Fuji Melon Ice | Dive into the crisp and cool fusion of Fuji apples and melon in this exciting new flavor.
  • Grape Blow Pop | Indulge in the nostalgic and sweet flavor of grape blow pops, offering a satisfying and candy-like vaping experience.
  • Grape Lemon (New) | Tangy grapes and zesty lemon.
  • Icy Ruby | Immerse yourself in the icy and ruby-red goodness of Icy Ruby, a new and refreshing flavor.
  • Juicy Peach Ice | Savor the succulent flavor of juicy peaches, enhanced by a frosty menthol touch for a refreshing peachy chill.
  • Meta Moon | Papaya, Strawberry and Watermelon – Blended in perfect harmony
  • Mexico Mango | Transport yourself to the tropical lands of Mexico with the sweet and exotic flavor of ripe mangoes.
  • Miami Mint | Transport yourself to the vibrant city of Miami with the cool and refreshing essence of Miami Mint.
  • Nectarine Ice | Savor the sweet and juicy flavor of nectarines, complemented by a frosty menthol touch for a refreshing vaping experience.
  • OMG Blow Pop (New) | Nostalgic fruity bubblegum delight.
  • Orange Creamsicle (New) | Creamy vanilla meets tangy orange.
  • Pink Lemonade | A refreshing and strawberry citrusy vaping experience.
  • Rising Sun | A burst of fruity and refreshing goodness.
  • Sour Apple Blow Pop (New) | Tart green apple adventure.
  • Sour Apple Ice | Sour apples, complemented by a refreshing menthol kick.
  • Sparkling Lemon Mint | Lemon and mint in this exciting new addition.
  • Stone Freeze | Experience the freezing and stone fruit goodness of Stone Freeze
  • Strawberry Banana | A luscious blend of Strawberry and Banana
  • Strawberry CC | Strawberrries and Sweet cotton candy in perfect harmony
  • Strawberry Mango | Tart Mango meets Sweet Strawberry for an unparalleled combination
  • Sunny Tart | Strawberry & Cherry baked into a perfect pie. Just like grandma used to make.
  • Tropical Rainbow Blast | The ultimate blend of tropical fruit.
  • Watermelon Ice | Watermelon and Menthol, the tried and true classic.
  • White Gummy Ice | Sweet Pineapple fruit flavor paired with Tart Gummy Candy and a kiss of Menthol.



  • x1 Geek Bar Pulse Disposable


*Must be acquired in specified MOQ increments*
*All disposable vape devices are non-returnable and non-exchangeable, whether defective or otherwise.*

CAUTION: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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