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Ghost Spirit Blend THC-A Live Badder Disposable (3.5g)

Ghost Spirit Blend THC-A Live Badder Disposable (3.5g)

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Stallion Marketing is thrilled to present the Ghost Spirit Blend THC-A Live Badder Disposable (3.5g) – Brought to you courtesy of Ghost.


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  • French Cookies
  • Lucid Dream
  • Rainbow Mintz
  • Electric Lemonade



  • x1 Disposable


All delta products are non-returnable and non-exchangeable, whether defective or otherwise.


Warning: This product contains Delta. For your safety and satisfaction, inform yourself about any potential safety implications associated with Delta before purchase or use. Check your local laws or regulations regarding the possession, use, or sale of products containing Delta to ensure compliance. Make your purchase decision based on a thorough understanding of Delta’s effects and legal status in your area. Proceed with caution and ensure all local guidelines and health standards are followed.

Note: Due to local regulations, customers in certain locations may be prohibited from purchasing this product from us. Please verify your local laws to ensure compliance. Proceed with informed caution and adhere to all applicable guidelines.

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