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Kratom Kube 10 Gummies

Kratom Kube 10 Gummies

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The makers of Kush Kube wanted to show the world they have the knowledge to create potent and tasty products with other plant-based herbs, too, such as kratom and functional mushrooms!

Kratom Kube High Potency Kratom Extract Gummies come in a 10ct resealable bag. As mentioned, Kratom Kubes come in two variations. Depending on the variation chosen, each gummy contains either 50mg of mitragynine or 50mg of mitragynine paired with caffeine.

With two formulas, Kratom Kube can cater to both sides of the spectrum, offering potent and hard-hitting effects to users who enjoy relaxing effects and energizing effects!


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  • Cherry Lime
  • Mixed Berry



      • Available In A 10ct Resealable Bag (500mg Active Ingredients)
      • Available In Two Variations, One Including Caffeine And One Caffeine Free
      • High Potency Gummies
      • Each Gummy Contains 50mg Mitragynine Or 50mg Mitragynine + Caffeine
      • Excellent Choice Whether Seeking Kratom’s Relaxing Or Energizing Benefits
      • Available In Two Flavor-Packed Fruity Options
      • CGMP Certified + Third-Party Lab Tested
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