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Lookah Unicorn Coil Quartz Coil II | 2+4pcs

Lookah Unicorn Coil Quartz Coil II | 2+4pcs

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The Lookah Unicorn Coil Quartz Coil II is the perfect choice for a flavorful vaping experience. Each set comes with 2 pieces of single rod coils and 4 pieces of dual rod coils, for a total of 6 pieces per order. The quartz material produces great flavor and is longer lasting than traditional coils. Enjoy exceptional vapor quality with this versatile coil.

Enjoy a pure flavor and dense vapor production with Lookah's Unicorn Coil Quartz Coil II. This durable coil offers a unique mix of 2-4 coils to customize your vaping experience. Enjoy long-lasting, consistent heating every time you use the Quartz Coil II.

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  • Coils for Lookah Unicorn E-Rig
  • 2 Coils/Atomizer Bases, 4 Quartz Dishes
  • Material: Quartz


    • Pack contains 2 coils + 4 Quartz Dishes
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