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Lookah Water Pipe 377 710

Lookah Water Pipe 377 710

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Prepare your lungs: This smoke lab is ready to go, and it can handle the intake! This new glass bong looks incredible, like something a mad scientist would cook up. The base and neck form a beautiful hourglass shape in the center, surrounded by four, yes, FOUR recyclers! This big bong uses a splendid showerhead perc, four recyclers, and a double ice pinch to give a triple whammy cooling effect. The result is massive cool lungful in every hit. To top of this design, Lookah Glass has emblazoned this water bong with that awesome gold logo. Don't be fooled by those who say size doesn't matter. This towing big glass bong proves otherwise.

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  • Glass Monster Quad 19.5" Glass
  • Single Unit
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