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Lookah Water Pipe Platinum

Lookah Water Pipe Platinum

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This original design glass Lookah pipe is part of the platinum collection. It's a masterpiece of filtration with a puck-shaped lower chamber and sprinkler perc. This splits off into four chambers, each with a fitted disc perc for an insane amount of bubbles. As the water dissipates, the smoke collects in a large domed chamber that leads to the long, elegant neck, which is great for stacking loads of ice. 
If you love massive hits, then this pipe is where it's at. The cooling power means you can take massive rips without scorching your throat. You'll need a massive pair of lungs, are yours good enough to handle this beast?

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  • Height: 23.02'
  • Weight: 1800 GM
  • Bowl Size: 14MM MALE BANGER
  • Base Size: Round
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