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Metallic Butt

Metallic Butt Bucket 12ct

Metallic Butt Bucket 12ct

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The Butt Bucket Plated is the perfect option for responsible and discreet cigarette disposal. This plated receptacle, designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, provides an attractive and practical solution to safely dispose of cigarette butts. Its long-lasting performance is ensured by its sturdy construction, and its elegant style compliments a variety of outdoor and indoor settings. The small size makes it portable and easy to use, letting people to keep their environments clean without losing flair. Whether for personal or public usage, the Butt Bucket Plated is a dependable and visually beautiful option for managing cigarette trash in an environmentally beneficial manner.


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  • Comes with 12ct per pack



  • 1x Metallic Butt Bucket 12ct
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