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Mucho Salts Series E-Liquid 30mL (Salt Nic)

Mucho Salts Series E-Liquid 30mL (Salt Nic)

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Unleash the Mucho Salts Series E-Liquid 30mL (Salt Nic) Experience – Vape On the Go! Elevate your vaping game with Mucho Salts, now available in 25mg, 35mg and 50mg nicotine strengths for a personalized and smooth vape sensation. Indulge in the rich, authentic flavors that Mucho Salts offers, meticulously crafted to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you crave a burst of fruitiness or a creamy delight, this 30mL bottle delivers pure satisfaction with every hit. Perfect for your active lifestyle, Mucho Salts ensures a seamless and enjoyable vaping experience wherever you go. Embrace the boldness of Mucho Salts and unlock a world of pure flavor bliss. Don’t wait, come and explore the Mucho Salts E-Liquid | 30mL range today!

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  • Berry – Blueberries | Red Raspberries | Blue Raspberries
  • Mango Punch – Mango | Fruit juice
  • Strapple – Strawberry | Apple


    • Bottle Size – 30mL Unicorn Bottle
    • Available Nicotine – 25mg | 35mg | 50mg


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