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O’Snaps Cigarette Enhancement Kit (Menthol Additive Kit) | MOQ 12

O’Snaps Cigarette Enhancement Kit (Menthol Additive Kit) | MOQ 12

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Introducing the O’Snaps Cigarette Enhancement Kit – your passport to an exhilarating menthol experience every time you light up. This innovative product is more than just a carrying case; it’s your gateway to transforming your hemp cigarettes into a refreshing menthol delight.

Inside this sleek and compact kit, you’ll find specially designed menthol flavor crushable bead-capsules. But here’s where the magic happens: this kit is not just a container; it’s a precision tool. With O’Snaps, you can puncture your cigarette filter and insert the tiny menthol flavor bead directly inside.

When it’s time for a smoke, a simple crush between your thumb and index finger bursts the menthol bead, infusing your cigarette with a burst of icy coolness. Each hit becomes a refreshing journey, elevating your smoking experience to new heights.

Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying separate menthol products. With the O’Snaps OG Cigarette Enhancement Kit, you have everything you need in one stylish package. Enhance your smoking moments with the invigorating sensation of menthol – precisely when you want it.

Experience the future of menthol-enhanced smoking with O’Snaps OG Cigarette Enhancement Kit. Compact, convenient, and incredibly refreshing, it’s your secret weapon for a menthol-infused adventure every time you light up. Elevate your smoking ritual with O’Snaps – where every puff is a burst of menthol perfection.

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  • Precision tool/Capsule Carrying Case Kit


*Must be purchased in increments of 12pcs*

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