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Ooze Mojo Silicone Water Pipe & Nectar Collector

Ooze Mojo Silicone Water Pipe & Nectar Collector

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Sometimes you get stuck in a funk and it takes something special to change your mood for the better or to get your mojo back. We have a feeling that that something special might be a fresh new piece to smoke out of with plenty of different ways to do it! Enter the Mojo from Ooze Life: a silicone and glass hybrid piece that is compatible with all forms of!

This unique piece has a honeycomb design covering the base with cutouts so you can easily check your water level and watch the smoke gather. The glass down stem has a percolator at the bottom for added filtration and smoother hits. Sitting on top of the piece is a detachable hand pipe that can be used on its own. It features a borosilicate glass flower bowl that sits in a larger silicone piece that has an old-school feel. 

The Mojo keeps the versatility coming with added features within the bowl piece! Remove the glass bowl and insert an Ooze pen for super smooth hits from the vape. The mouthpiece can also be pulled out; insert the titanium nail that sits in the base and you have a nectar collector for dabs on the go. The nectar collector function is great for wax containers that are almost empty as it allows you to get into the corners and scrape up residue that is hard to handle with a dab tool. This piece includes a matching Geode glass and silicone stash jar for concentrate storage. 

And of course, the Mojo can be used as both a bong and a dab rig! Keep it fully assembled and pack that screened glass bowl with your favorite strain of bud. To switch over to dabs, pull out the entire top-hand pipe piece. Insert the Ooze Thermal Banger into the hole next to the downstem and heat it with your torch. Load in the dab and there's no doubt that you'll be getting your mojo back in no time!

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Main Features:

  • 14mm Glass Bowl for Bong Function
  • 14mm Thermal Banger for Dab Rig Function
  • Includes Geode Stash Jar
  • Detachable Hand Pipe
  • Vape Pen Filtration (battery sold separately)
  • Nectar Collector with Titanium Nail
  • Percolated Downstem
  • Food-Grade Silicone
  • Borosilicate Glass Accessories
  • Heat Resistant & Durable
  • Accessory Storage in Base
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