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Ooze Slim Twist PRO 320mAh

Ooze Slim Twist PRO 320mAh

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The Ooze Slim Twist PRO, so we decided to create a kit that allows you to easily switch between the usual oil cartridges and dabs! The Pro includes a dual quartz rod atomizer that you load your dab into, screw the mouthpiece on, and take a hit like usual. This simple attachment makes taking dabs on the go simple and accessible. The Slim Twist Pro battery has flex temp and features a temperature dial on the bottom to select your voltage. We recommend starting on the lowest voltage when using an oil cartridge. Click the button 2x to activate Prep Mode, which starts a low-heat cycle that clears any clogs that might have settled in your cart. The Pro Kit also includes an Ooze Smart USB charger, which MUST be used to charge the battery. Two replacement coils for the wax atomizer are also included, along with a small dab tool to handle the concentrates

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  • 1x Ooze Smart USB charger
  • 2x Replacement Coils
  • 1x Small Dab tool
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