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Puffco Proxy Ball Cap and Dether

Puffco Proxy Ball Cap and Dether

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The Puffco Proxy 3D Chamber by (Puffco). The Puffco Proxy Ball Cap implements a 360 degree directional airflow, allowing the user to move oil around the chamber hold for a more even heating, maximizing vapor production. Simply adjust the ball cap as you would normally move a joystick as you take your hit, allowing the oil to spread more evenly around the Puffxo Proxy 3D Chamber. This process allows for more consistency with each hit as well as a larger vapor production. By utilizing the Puffco Proxy, the user can utilize their precious concentrates to the fullest as moving the oil will elevate their vaping experience while vaporizing every bit with no leftover residue.

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  • Heating Technology
  • Heating Tracers
  • Consistent Temperature Control
  • Highly Efficient


        • 1x Puffco Proxy Ball Cap and Dether
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