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Vaporesso Armour Max Kit

Vaporesso Armour Max Kit

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Introducing the Vaporesso Armour Max Kit – the epitome of cutting-edge vaping technology and versatile performance. The Vaporesso Armour Max Kit is more than just a vaping device; it’s a testament to innovation and excellence in the world of vaping.

Uni-Lock Integration: One of the standout features of the Vaporesso Armour Max Kit is the Uni-lock integrated fire button and lock button. This innovative design ensures a seamless and secure vaping experience. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to the world of vaping, the Uni-lock system provides ease of use and peace of mind.

Axon Smart Chipset: At the heart of the Vaporesso Armour Max Kit lies the Axon Smart Chipset, a powerhouse of intelligent vaping technology. With advanced features like precise temperature control, instant firing, and a user-friendly interface, the Axon chipset delivers a vaping experience that’s both satisfying and dependable.

Direct to Lung (DTL) Vaping: If you’re a fan of Direct to Lung (DTL) vaping, the Vaporesso Armour Max Kit is your ideal companion. Experience the full flavor and robust vapor production that DTL vaping offers. This kit is designed to cater to your cloud-chasing desires.

Versatile Coil Compatibility: The Vaporesso Armour Max Kit is not limited to one type of coil. It’s compatible with both iTank and GTi Tank coils, giving you the flexibility to explore a wide range of vaping styles and flavor profiles. Whether you prefer high-wattage sub-ohm vaping or a more moderate experience, this kit has you covered.

Battery Versatility: One of the key advantages of the Vaporesso Armour Max Kit is its compatibility with both 18650 and 21700 batteries. This versatility allows you to choose the battery type that suits your vaping needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize extended battery life or compactness, this kit adapts to your requirements.

The Vaporesso Armour Max Kit isn’t just a vaping device; it’s a comprehensive vaping solution designed to elevate your experience. It combines innovation, user-friendliness, and performance in one sleek package. Whether you’re an experienced vaper or just starting your vaping journey, this kit has everything you need to enjoy a satisfying and customizable vaping experience.

Choose the Vaporesso Armour Max Kit and unlock a world of possibilities in the world of vaping. It’s time to experience vaping at its best with a kit that’s designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Upgrade your vaping game and enjoy the ultimate in flavor, vapor production, and convenience with the Vaporesso Armour Max Kit. 


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  • Black
  • Silver
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Camo Brown (New)
  • Camo Blue (New)
  • Cyber Gold (New)
  • Cyber Blue (New)



  • Wattage: 5-220W
  • Tank Capacity: 8mL
  • Battery Compatibility: 18650 or 21700
  • Charging: DC 5V/2A, Type-C
  • Display: 0.96″ TFT Screen



  • x1 Vaporesso Armour Max Mod
  • x1 Vaporesso iTank 2 (8mL)
  • x1 GTi 0.2ohm Mesh Coil (Pre-Installed)
  • x1 GTi 0.4ohm Mesh Coil (In Box)
  • x1 Spare Glass Tube
  • x1 Tank Protective Cover (Pre-Installed)
  • x2 O-Ring
  • x1 Spare Refilling Silicone Plug
  • x2 18650 Battery Sleeve (Inside Mod)
  • x1 Type-C Cable
  • x1 User Manual & Warranty Card
  • x1 Safety Manual
  • x1 Reminder Card


*All Kits are non-returnable and non-exchangeable, whether defective or otherwise.*

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