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White Rhino

White Rhino Glass Converter

White Rhino Glass Converter

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Transform your glass setup into a powerful and versatile device with the White Rhino Glass Converter. Experience smoother and cooler hits with the premium glass construction. Easily convert your rig into a dab rig or vice versa, enhancing your smoking experience. Ditch the hassle of multiple devices and streamline your smoking session now.

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  • 14MM F TO 14MM F 10PK
  • 14MM F TO 19MM F 10PK
  • 14MM F TO 19MM M 10PK
  • 14MM M TO 14MM M 10PK
  • 14MM M TO 19MM F 10PK
  • 14MM M TO 19MM M 10PK
  • 19MM F TO 19MM F 9PK
  • 19MM M TO 19MM M 10PK



  • Comes with 9pk and 10pk
  • White Rhino Glass Converter
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