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Yocan Falcon Pancake Coil | 5pcs

Yocan Falcon Pancake Coil | 5pcs

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The Yocan Falcon Pancake Coil uses a traditional threaded design which makes it a simple and straightforward replacement part that both beginners and even advanced consumers can use with ease. Because it uses threaded connections, you’ll know how to use and operate the Yocan Falcon Pancake Coil the moment you pick it up. There’s no need for special instructions. Because we pretty much use threaded links and connections on basic and rudimentary devices and everyday items, our brains are hardwired to know that to twist it clockwise tightens the connection and counterclockwise loosens it. By banking on that principle, Yocan has created a simple solution to replacement parts that reduces the amount of learning curve and the need for additional instructions. Instead of using proprietary components that require its users to get used to it, they applied simple but effective technology like the aforementioned threaded connections.

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  • 5x Yocan Falcon replacement coils
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